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Episode 7 – Drop Bears are 2Sly
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This week Matt and Lucas are joined by a ‘Very Special Guest’ the community manager at GamerTag Radio, Mr. David2Sly. David joins us to add his 2 cents to a few topics that were very hot items in Australia this last week; namely the banning of Mortal Kombat and the 18+ debacle. We start the show by breezing through the ‘What we are playing’ segment and then hit the news: the Fruit Ninja update, Gears of War 3 Beta details and the Unreal Developers Kit being almost given away. Read more…

2011 Season AFL Tipping Comp?

Here at Drop Bear Gaming we are very keen to build up our community so Lucas and I have been mulling over some ideas for getting more involvement from our listeners and readers. This morning I had a great idea and I want to see how many people would be interested in getting on board with it: running an AFL tipping competition for the 2011 season, free for anyone to join in. Read more…

Tin Man Games Take You To The Undercity

While lead programmer Ben Britten is over in San Francisco for the GDC, Melbourne-based developer Tin Man Games’ founder Neil Rennison yesterday announced the launch of the fifth title in their epic Gamebook Adventure series called Catacombs of the Undercity. The new book is set to return the player to Orlandes City, the setting of the first book, however this time you will be exploring its dark underworld. Read more…

Firemint and Halfbrick Drop Bombs at GDC 2011

Melbourne-based Firemint and Brisbane-based Halfbrick Studios have come out swinging at this year’s Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, with both companies announcing a new game. As two of Australia’s most successful game development companies they have collectively sold millions upon millions of copies of their games, and these new titles are sure to continue their success. Read more…

Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand

Here at Drop Bear Gaming we are based in Brisbane, and were recently affected by a devastating natural disaster in the form of extreme flooding, after which we put the call out for donations to help support the recovery. As you all have most likely heard or seen on the news, on the 22nd of February a 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand. The extent of the damage is unfathomable, and the number of casualties has been overwhelming. Read more…

Episode 6 – Drop Bear Taco
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This week on the podcast we are joined by Tim Saitta from Game Taco. We discuss the top Xbox 360 Live games of 2010, the Aussie Game Dev head count, Dead Island trailer, Fruit Ninja selling over 6 million copies, and much more! Read more…

Looking for a Fruit Salad, Halfbrick’s got you covered

Over 150 billion fruit have met the blade in only 10 months since Fruit Ninja was released in April last year. Halfbrick Studios have announced that in those 10 months over 6 million paid copies of Fruit Ninja have been sold on the App Store. With numbers like those Goulburn Valley will need to stop canning. Read more…

Mortal Kombat Banned in Australia

On my recent trip to the local games retailer I was bailed up in the corner and handed my $10 deposit for a Mortal Kombat pre-order. The game has not passed the first round of classification and the Australian Classification Board has advised stores to remove all displays and signs for release until further notice. Read more…

Gamebook Adventures Giveaway!

Our great friends over at Tin Man Games have hooked us up with some promo codes for Gamebook Adventures 2 & 4 for a few of our lucky readers. If you are interested in getting your hands on one of them read on! Read more…

Episode 5 – Killen Time
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On this week’s episode we are joined by Tom Killen, co-founder of The Voxel Agents. He comes along for the ride with Lucas and Matt to discuss some news including Firemint’s Real Racing 2 update, Australian 3DS price point announcement, DCUO charging more for subscriptions in Australia, and Halfbrick’s Raskulls soundtrack giveaway. We talk about some of the games we have been playing, then during the break we interview Joe Hookins from Dinoroar about their new title Samurai Training. We finish off the podcast with a great chat with Tom about The Voxel Agents, their Train Conductor games, and how he got into game development. Read more…

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