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2010 – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Bold and The Beautiful

So like most people, I rang in the New Year with fervor. A few drinks, a few laughs with friends, and a reflection on the year that was. During the reflection, we remembered our trials and tribulations, our defining moments of that year and the things we’d rather forget. Well gamers, I think we owe it to ourselves to also reflect on what was an interesting year for the gaming industry. Read more…

Melbourne game studio “Firemint” acquires “Infinite Interactive”

Games studio Firemint today announced that it has acquired fellow Australian studio, Infinite Interactive. The move further boosts Firemint’s strength in designing and developing original games like, while providing the Infinite Interactive team with a channel for independent publishing. Read more…

What Are You Waiting For?

January 2010 saw the release of the highly anticipated Mass Effect 2, which started the year off with one of the most successful games ever made; which showed in many game of the year lists. This set the scene for a year with some amazing releases which were surprisingly spread out, which kept the year rolling through very nicely. This year looks set to see this continue with a line up that would make any lover of any genre  smile. Read more…

The Yard Stick

The number of games released these days is massive and something is available for all types of gamers. But the genre that most tickles my pleasure zones are the action role-playing epics. Though the number of titles is still quite limited there have been some absolute stunners in recent years that mix everything from action, adventure, and strategy into an ever-evolving story that captivates its audience for hour after hour, making the real world fade into a distant memory. Read more…

What Australia Needs To Compete – Part 1: Infrastructure

As gamers in Australia, we have to jump through some serious hoops to play our favourite games. These hoops deter a lot of the population from picking up video games, or even taking them seriously as a viable means of entertainment or as a hobby. Not only does our government not help us, but the game manufacturers and online content providers take advantage of our generally lacklustre knowledge when it comes to the difference between Australian gaming and American gaming. Read more…

Episode 0 – Welcome to DBG!
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Just a short clip by Lucas introducing Drop Bear Gaming to the world! Keep your eyes on us…this is only the beginning…

G’Day and Welcome to Drop Bear Gaming

I guess you could start this article with ‘I had a dream…’

This site is a culmination of ideas and discussions that my brother Asmerith and I have had over the last 2 years. It’s 2011 and as the site goes live, which Asmerith has worked his fingers to nubs getting ready, we now flip into overdrive and it’s time for us to start producing extra-juicy content to make you return over and over again. Read more…

The Podfather/Convo Controller
Super salesman by day, Batdad and Gamersutra by night. As a self-confessed technology pacifist, he prefers to sit on the console-war fence and play games on his PC.
PlayStation Fanboy/Motormouth
Electrician by trade and yet also highly skilled at finding time to game around work and family commitments. A PlayStation fanboy with a platinum count and obvious podcast bias to prove it. Thinks DC is clearly superior to Marvel. Has been known to rant.

Started in January 2011 by brothers Lucas and Matt, Drop Bear Gaming has been operating for over 7 years offering a fresh and relaxed perspective on the video game industry. The website is a passion project more than anything and it is our distinct pleasure to continue bringing entertainment to our listeners and viewers.

The guys release a podcast episode every two to three weeks and over the years they have welcomed guests from developers, publishers, and other gaming outlets onto the show.

Disclaimer: From time to time Drop Bear Gaming receives copies of games for review in either physical or digital format from publishers or their associated PR companies. All reviews are based on the merits of each game on their own. Whether or not we were supplied the copy is not taken into account when compiling our reviews.

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