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Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand
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Here at Drop Bear Gaming we are based in Brisbane, and were recently affected by a devastating natural disaster in the form of extreme flooding, after which we put the call out for donations to help support the recovery. As you all have most likely heard or seen on the news, on the 22nd of February a 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand. The extent of the damage is unfathomable, and the number of casualties has been overwhelming.

Over the past week countless stories of heartache and grief and loss have come from the affected areas of NZ and so we again would like to ask you, our readers, to lend a hand if you can.

The New Zealand Government have set up an international Appeal for donations which can be accessed here or alternatively you can donate to the Red Cross’ Christchurch Earthquake appeal here

If you want to directly help a person who has been affected by the earthquake though, there is a local game developer who has put out a call for help. Jen Timms, a producer at THQ Australia who recently worked on the de Blob 2 has asked for donations to help her 63 year old Aunt who has lost everything. Following is an excerpt from her message:

“My Aunty is 63 years old, and living on her own in Christchurch. She’s always struggled financially and never had much at all, and the few things she did have were almost completely obliterated in the latest earthquake.

Her housing commission home is unliveable – no power, no sewage or water, huge cracks in all of the walls making it unstable, and the road surrounding her house has collapsed into the nearby river. Vehicles can’t even make it in or out of her street in order to move the few possessions (furniture etc) she still has, so she will have to leave everything behind.”

If you would like to help out, you can visit her page here. She is only asking for small donations of $5-10 however every bit helps.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to our neighbours across the sea, and we wish you all the the best in the recovery process. We encourage you all to donate if you can afford it.


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