Latest Podcast: Episode 176 – Don’t Cross The Streams
Mass Effect 3

I’m going to be honest, I am completely ashamed to say that I have not actually played the first two Mass Effect games before. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, but my ever lingering lack of funds have long prevented me from buying most of the awesome games out there. But never fear! For this review, I joined forces with a good friend of mine who is a Mass Effect veteran and in fact wrote an article on the Mass Effect 3 launch for DBG. Together, we were able to experience Mass Effect 3 from both the beginner and the veteran points of view. What you will read here is a combination of both our opinions. Read more…

Lamb_Chop’s Dev Diary – Networking

I’m sure a lot of people think that a career in games means sitting at your desk, since there are some great gaming desks online for  playing games, and staying snug and warm in your own little swivel chair fort in the corner of the office. Sorry to burst your happy little bubble. It is in fact, the complete opposite. Read more…

Lamb_Chop’s Dev Diary – Global Game Jam 2012

Just over two weeks ago I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the 2012 Global Game Jam in Rosehill, Sydney. Haven’t heard of it? Trust me, it rocks! Read more…

Lamb_Chop’s Dev Diary – Creating A Positive Workplace

Working productively within a group can be tough. Especially when it comes to game development where people can have very different personalities that can sometimes clash. I’m hoping these tips will help people to work better and be happier within the group environment. Read more…

Shigeru Miyamoto Stepping Down at Nintendo

News has been released that Shigeru Miyamoto, the amazing man behind Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong is going to be stepping down from his position of Senior Managing Director and General Manager of Nintendo’s Entertainment Analysis and Development Division. Read more…

Lamb_Chop’s Dev Diary – GCAP 2011 Wrap Up

This year I was able to have the honour of attending GCAP (Game Connect Asia Pacific) in Melbourne and wow, what an amazing conference! We heard talks from people along the likes of Carl Callewaert – Unity Evangelist, Richard Iwanuik from Bioware and Phil Larsen, the Chief Marketing Officer of Halfbrick Studios. Read more…

The Creatures of Skyrim

So who’s excited about Skyrim? I know I am! It looks absolutely stunning and well, you can SHOUT AT DRAGONS! Read more…

Mercury Hg

When I was a child I had one of those little plastic mazes that you tilted around in order to get the little ball bearing in the hole. It was small, simple, and a game that I loved. Mercury Hg has rekindled those wonderful old memories. But that wasn’t the only game I used to play, for I remember, staying up late at night, searching for those level answers.

Read more…
Lamb_Chop’s Dev Diary – Addictive Gameplay

A huge part of being in the Game Development business is knowing what will keep people coming back to play your game. Knowledge of what people find fun and/or addictive is extremely important, the tough thing is that not everyone has the same opinion on what is fun and what isn’t. Read more…

Indie Vs AAA: Gaming For A New Generation

With iPhones and smart phones becoming the norm, you can’t help but notice the emerging trend of indie games these days. With life becoming more fast-paced, we’re always looking for ways to have fun within a quicker and more easily accessible form, so does this mean that AAA games may one day be a thing of the past? Read more…

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