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E3 2012 – EA Press Conference

EA had quite a lot to show us at their press conference today, including a number of new game announcements, some more information about games we have already heard about, and a new premium service for Battlefield 3. In this post I give you a summary of what was shown, as well as the option to watch the entire press conference at the end of the post. Read more…

Back To Karkand Coming PS3 Today

The first DLC pack for the amazingly popular shooter Battlefield 3 drops today, but only on the PS3. Read on to see what is included and why you should drop your hard earned cash the moment it hits the PSN Store. 

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Episode 23 – Extra Life Battlefield
Duration: 00:48:51 • Size: 33.55 MB

This week we discuss Susie’s initial impressions of the Battlefield 3 multiplayer mode, the summary of our Extra Life efforts, and what upcoming games we are looking forward to the most.

Specials Specials Specials

It’s the week-end and the game world has gone sale mad. Read on to find out the best place to buy your gaming goodness for the coming week!!

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EA’s Official Battlefield 3 Launch Trailer

Our friends at EA Australia have just released the newest trailer for the massively anticipated Battlefield 3 and they have left the best till last.

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DBG@EBExpo – How EA Stole The Show

EA Australia stole the show at this year’s EB Expo, but what made their effort such a stand out over all the other exhibitors? It was the little things and maybe some really big things too! Read more…

Lamb_Chop’s Dev Diary – Addictive Gameplay

A huge part of being in the Game Development business is knowing what will keep people coming back to play your game. Knowledge of what people find fun and/or addictive is extremely important, the tough thing is that not everyone has the same opinion on what is fun and what isn’t. Read more…

What Can You Play At EB Expo?

EB Games Expo is only just around the corner and as promised you can expect to have your socks blown off. As per the recent press release EB is blowing their horn and have labeled the event the ‘biggest video games event Australia has ever seen’. That’s not really that hard, in the scheme of things we seem to get. However this time all they needed to say were those magic words and I was a believer. Read more…

Battlefield 3 Open Beta Live!

Recently EA announced that the open beta would start today (29th September), and guess what? It has! I’ve just started downloading it on my PS3 so if you want to have a crack before the game releases next month then get on board. Read more…

Can Battlefield 3 be the CoD Giant Killer?

20110612-074925.jpgThree new video’s released at E3 attempt to show of the Battlefields strengths, but will it be enough to beat the largest gaming series on any platform in history.

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