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Mass Effect 3 Launch Event Wrap-Up
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The end is nigh. With the arrival of Mass Effect 3 just around the corner, the stage is set for the dramatic conclusion to the epic space trilogy. The Reapers are returning from the depths of dark space to purge the galaxy of all life. Their first stop is Earth and it’s up to Commander Shepard to stop them.

EA Australia held a special launch event in Sydney last week to celebrate the upcoming release of Mass Effect 3. Associate Producer Robyn Theberge from BioWare was on hand to detail the different ways players can save the galaxy from annihilation. Apart from experiencing the epic single player story as Shepard, co-op multiplayer is a brand new addition to the space faring franchise.

Up to 4 friends can team up to ‘hold the line’ in key strategic locations around the galaxy, fighting off waves of enemies and completing mission objectives. Players can pick from a number of alien species such as Krogan and Turians, that have been previously unplayable. The multiplayer action is solid with more intelligent enemies that constantly keep players on their toes

The first 90 minutes of ME3’s single player was available for hands on at the event. Starting on Earth, Shepard has been relieved of active duty until the Reapers invade and decimate all of Earth’s defenses. After reuniting with some familiar faces, Shepard manages to escape and is tasked with rallying the various species of the galaxy to unite against the Reaper threat. The journey begins with a mission to Mars where Shepard hopes to uncover a lost Prothean secret that could help turn the tide.

From the outset, everything in Mass Effect 3 feels epic. The action takes off at a frantic pace with a constant sense of urgency and tension that keeps the player pushing forward. Emotions are truly running at maximum capacity. The gameplay has been well refined as Shepard’s movements feel alot more fluid and dynamic. Snapping into and between cover feels good, allowing Shepard to navigate the battlefield safely with ease. The newly added heavy melee attack is also very satisfying for those who like to get up close and personal.

Details regarding the supporting releases for Mass Effect 3 were also given during the launch, which include the stand-alone iOS game Infiltrator and Datapad app. Mass Effect Infiltrator is a 3rd person action game that follows the story of a Cerberus spec ops agent who tries to discover a more effective means of fighting off the Reaper invasion. The free Datapad app gives users access to the in-game Mass Effect codex and the Galactic Readiness Map. Both of these iOS releases directly tie into ME3’s Galactic Readiness meter, which determines how successful the campaign to save the galaxy will be.

So grab your ManShep or FemShep and prepare for the fight of a lifetime when Mass Effect 3 launches on March 8th on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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