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Drop Bear App Dance #4
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In this weeks App Dance I have a few stats that I thought were worth a mention, I have been attempting to stream divx shows from the PC to the iPad with 2 apps available, playing a few games and using the iPad to read magazines.

I have wanted to play movies on the iPad since I got it and when Matt text me saying that AVplayer was only three bucks I grabbed it. I mucked around with this for about 30 mins without any luck, I just couldn’t seem to get it to reconise the PC. I then got frustrated and moved on to InMethod Air Video, which seemed much easier to have up and running. All you are required to do is install the server on your PC/Mac and configure the login details and your done. The program boasts that you can watch almost any file format and so far I have not seen any issues. The only issues I have seen so far is High Res cannot stream very well and the support page for the software suggests if the file is DRM protected Apple will not allow it to be played. So far though its great, takes a few minutes before it start playing files but I guess that’s just the streaming and conversion.

I was lucky enough to receive a code for Samurai Training by Dinoroar, but I gave that to Matt. So I restarted World Series of Poker and have been going great guns at getting my hands on the cash. Since I first bought the game it has updated and now uses Game Centre to track stats and also save games. I got half way through a game on the iPad and needed to put it down, I then started a game on the iPhone and it asked if I wanted to finish the game I was half way through. I thought that was nice. Not having multiple games going at one time is great. I then moved onto Creationary by Lego. I got this game for my kids and its fun. I have been playing it on occasion when the kids go to bed, and I’m getting hooked. It is a kids game so don’t expect many challenges, also its free. The game is a Lego version of Pictionary, it gives you 4 pictures, one in each corner of the screen and it attempts to build one of these out of Lego blocks. You must choose or guess what its making as a timer counts down. It can be frustrating when the item it is making has rounded edges or has multiple parts, cause the game is restricted to the use of Lego blocks so curves and rounds are almost impossible. Its still good for free.

After using the iPad to read over the Game Book Adventures I thought I would expand on that and try a few magazines. So I jumped over to Blur and grabbed the latest magazine to try it. The function of PDF reader on the iPad is great. I don’t know why I hadn’t tried to earlier. I will be signing up at a few online magazine sites I think. If you have any suggestions please leave them in a comment below.

Lastly I was searching around the net and come across a site called mobclix. This site taught me so much about the mobile industry and I just needed to share a few gems. Read on below to find a few golden stats about the mobile industry.

  • Users with 10 or more gaming apps downloaded on their phones, spend an average of 87 minutes per day playing games.
  • 62 percent of users spend the most time playing games on their smartphones, followed by 22 percent who play games on consoles.
  • Multiplayer games have increased by 155 percent, accounting for 6 percent of gaming apps.
  • The action category has the highest market share at 16 percent in April 2011, whereas in June 2010 puzzles had the highest market share at 11 percent.
  • iPad gaming apps have the highest average eCPM at $1.75, followed by iPhone at $1.38 and then Android at $0.98.
  • iPad gaming apps have the highest click-through rates (CTR), and are eight times higher than Android and three and half times higher than iPhone gaming apps.

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