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FIFA12 Detailed Video Leaked to YouTube
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Information is starting to compile for this years instalment of FIFA, that’s right numbered 12.

A few vids are starting to make there way to the fore, with an official 55 second trailer of the ‘Impact Engine’ which looks to be a huge improvement over the prior years tackling and ragdoll effects. Another 9 min video has also been captured for youtube, was then removed and was then returned which video game site Operationssports broke-down so you only need watch and be amazed. Here are the things they said the video contains.

  • Tactical Defending – Contain
  • Tactical Defending – New Opportunities
  • Dribbling – Jog Speed Turn Radius
  • Precision Dribbling – Precision Turn Radius
  • Precision Dribbling – Dribble While Shielding
  • Compares FIFA 11 Tackling Physics with the New Impact Engine Tackling (WOW! What a difference! I mean, WOW!)
  • Impact Engine – Shielding
  • Impact Engine – Unexpected Behaviors (Shows an AWESOME animation of a defender coming in, offensive player makes a move and does a flip)
  • Impact Engine – Variety (Shows a defender taking out a player that is going after the ball)
  • Impact Engine – Contextual Dribble Turns (Shows a player tapping the ball ahead, just a bit, then jumping to avoid a sliding tackle)
  • Impact Engine – Difficult Situations (Shows a player trying to kick the ball, but hits the other players foot instead and falls over)
  • Impact Engine – Shared Collisions (Shows 2 players going after the ball, each player had his own animation, depending on situation. In this particular one, it showed a player reaching out to kick a ball and the defender trying the same, after the ball is touched, the players lose balance and just looks very real)
  • Impact Engine – True Injuries (Woah… Shows a player getting roughed up, trying to advance the ball, he lands awkwardly on his right knee, after a little act job, he grabs his knee and gets up, gingerly)
  • True Injuries – Self Injuries (Damn, this is a great video. Anyways, this shows a player getting injured with nobody around him, looked like a strained groin and the defender takes the ball away)
  • True Injuries – Re-Injury (Shows a player getting tripped up and waving to the sidelines for someone to get him or sub in for him)
  • Impact Engine – Pushing and Pulling – Shows players pushing and pulling for position

Check out the detailed video here.

EA is suggesting its made multiple upgrades to this years release and are touting it as the best version yet. For more updates and the latest news on your favorite video games, check out GameMite. Why should you buy LoL account from unrankedsmurfs? One of the most popular reasons players buy a League of Legends account is that it saves the player the time of levelling the account up themselves. Currently the XP required to reach level 30 is approximately 20,042. On average a game will give 90XP per match without any booster packs. From looking at the maths this would take around 90+ hours to reach level 30 assuming the average match time was 25 minutes. For now, I’m more focused on Football Manager, I’m trying to sign Jesse Lingard, we all know he would be a fantastic Premier League signing in FM24.

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