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Preview: LA Noire
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One of the biggest names in game development and publishing at the moment, Rockstar Games are about to add yet another innovative title to their range.

The story will be very focused on how the player reacts to certain situations

After refining their flagship title, Grand Theft Auto, over the last ten years, Rockstar have brought us yet more innovation with Red Dead Redemption, largely voted if not the top, then one of the top 2 or 3 games of 2010. Now their new title LA Noire, developed by the Sydney-based company Team Bondi, is nearing completion. Yet another of Rockstar’s trademark open world games, however a little bit removed from the likes of Red Dead Redemption and GTA. It will have no side quests and no extras, just a flat out Noire style detective experience based in the 1940’s LA.

The character tries to solve crimes and fix corruption at the same time

Lead character Cole Phelps however, is a LONG way removed from the usual lead roles. He’s no blood thirsty, law breaking, do anything to get what I want type of protagonist. Cole is an upright and upstanding, hard-nosed war veteran detective, who fights for integrity in a police department that is almost completely devoid of it, and somewhat becomes the poster child for the supposedly reformed LAPD. This however won’t sit well with the vast array of dirty or corrupt cops, who turn on Cole more and more as the story advances.

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