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Preview: LA Noire
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The interview process really determines the story

During an interview, you base your decisions and questions around the body language and facial mannerisms of the person you’re interviewing, meaning the better you are at reading these, the more you can achieve. The story is quite linear however, so any side trips caused by poor decisions won’t be long ones. Another important piece during interviews is the notepad. After investigating a crime scene and interviewing, you can scribble down notes, and these notes will lead you to what questions to ask whilst interviewing a suspect or witness.

There will be some solid action sequences, something Heavy Rain sorely lacked

LA Noire boasts some interesting action scenes, perfecting the balance between story and action. Not only is there enough story to keep your attention, but the game will not be made boring or repetitive. From car chases to shoot outs, LA Noire aims to satisfy every type of gamer, and it doesn’t disappoint either. Luckily, none of the scenes seem over done so as to take the gamer out of the story, which creates the perfect flow.

Smooth transitions between cases really allows hours to be simply forgotten. Prepare for a long haul

There were a few hitches though. As far as I understand, the sprint option does seem to be contextual, and another smaller hitch is when you lose health the screen will begin to de-saturate, or goes from full color to black and white; an interesting idea but possibly a little on the cheesy and pointless side. All in all, this looks like a brilliant game, and it will be released for both Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. I for one will be looking to get this as soon as it hits the shelves, and with a tentative release date of early/mid April, we hopefully won’t have to wait too long.

[Editor’s Note: At time of posting GameStop, GameFly, and Amazon all have LA Noire listed to be available Tuesday April 5th 2011. This has not been confirmed or denied by Rockstar. -Matt]

[Editor’s Note: A trailer just leaked with a confirmed release date of May 17th. You can watch it at Rockstar’s official site when it releases officially on Monday 24th January. -Matt]

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