Latest Podcast: Episode 149 – A Micro-transaction Too Far
Episode 139 – Jetpack Loading…
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There’s a new member in the Drop Bear family! Matt’s son Oscar was born on the day the last episode of the podcast was posted. He’s a little too young to appear on the podcast right now (or even to play video games at all actually) but guess who isn’t too young? Matt & Lucas! That’s right, the guys are back once again and they bring tales of the Anthem demo weekends; Matt shares his thoughts on the Nintendo Switch (and Steam) twin-stick shooter Sleep Tight; and they just generally have a good old brotherly catch up. We hope you enjoy the show! Read more…

Sleep Tight (Switch)
An imaginative twin-stick shooter/tower defense mash up which lets you finally test how well you could defend your bedroom if it was attacked by a swarm of boogey men!
Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4)
An incredibly full world with unrivalled levels of interaction and graphical fidelity. We expected the best from Rockstar Games for this prequel and they provided. Countless hours of stuff to do mixed throughout
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Episode 138 – Happy New Year 2019
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Matt and Lucas are back after the end of year break and they are excited for what this year has in store for us! On this episode of the DBG podcast the guys share what they got up to over the Christmas break including reviewing Just Cause 4 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and then share their most anticipated games for 2019. Happy New Year to you all and we hope you enjoy the show! Read more…

Episode 137 – GOTY 2018 Extravaganza
Duration: 01:19:38 • Size: 36.46 MB

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is only hours away so before we gorge ourselves on delicious food and celebrate consumerism we thought this would be the perfect time to share our thoughts on gaming in 2018. With arguably some of the best games of all time coming out this year it has been an absolutely fantastic year (apart from a couple of post-apocalyptic stinkers) and it is our distinct pleasure to bring you our picks for Game Of The Year 2018. We hope you enjoy this final episode for the year, and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Read more…

Episode 136 – The Woes Of Online
Duration: 00:36:25 • Size: 16.68 MB

The guys are back after a short work and Red Dead Redemption induced hiatus to discuss Red Dead Online, Fallout 76, Battlefield V, and more. We hope you enjoy the show 🙂 Read more…

Episode 135 – If No One’s Around…
Duration: 01:02:36 • Size: 28.67 MB

Two episodes in one week? It’s unheard of! Well, my fellow Drop Bears, this is a special occassion. One of the biggest games of all time has arrived: Red Dead Redemption 2. Sit back and listen as Matt and Lucas have a chat about their greatest and worst things from the game. Also on this episode is a review of LEGO: DC Super Villains, and a chat about the new Steep X Games DLC, so there’s plenty to hear about! We hope you enjoy the show 🙂 Read more…

Episode 134 – 10,000 Suplexes
Duration: 00:55:44 • Size: 25.53 MB

Prepare your ear holes fellow drop bears because this episode is jam packed! Matt bought a Nintendo Switch finally so he shares his thoughts on the system, as well as two Switch games “Paw Patrol On A Roll” and the LEGO Harry Potter Collection. Lucas lets us know how he went with diving into WWE2K19 and his thoughts on Starlink: Battle For Atlas, then Matt rounds out the show with his review of the epic greek history lesson which is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. We hope you enjoy the show! Read more…

Episode 133 – Top Marks
Duration: 00:52:20 • Size: 23.97 MB

Forza Horizon 4 has arrived and it’s bloody magnificent. Join Matt and Lucas as they share their thoughts on the newest entry in the best racing franchise on console. Matt also tells us about the huge RPG Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition, as well as his first impressions of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Read more…

Episode 132 – Sports and Superheroes
Duration: 01:07:15 • Size: 30.79 MB

Matt and Lucas are back and they have games to talk about! Lucas has been playing NBA2k19 and Matt has been playing FIFA 19 so they share their thoughts on those games, and then they discuss the massive PS4 exclusive game Marvel’s Spider-Man. Read more…

Episode 131 – Off The Market
Duration: 00:30:35 • Size: 14.01 MB

After a seven week hiatus including employment changes, illness, and marriage, Matt and Lucas are BACK! It’s just a short episode this time around because that aforementioned illness is still hanging around but like we always say “a short episode is better than no episode at all”! Matt shares his thoughts on Zoink Games latest game Flipping Death, as well as his joy at returning to the Mexiverse in Guacamelee 2. The guys then chat about the NBA2k19 Prologue and the newly shared awesomeness which is the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay footage! We hope you enjoy the show and we are sorry we left you alone for so long. Please don’t have lasting abandonment issues because of us :S Read more…

Episode 130 – Ark Detecting
Duration: 00:47:07 • Size: 21.58 MB

Lucas has something special for us all on this episode, a hardware review for a change! He got the chance to try out the new ModMic 5 microphone which is a pretty nifty little piece of kit. Meanwhile Matt discovered exactly how deep the world of The Crew 2 goes, and the guys had a bit of a chat about Fortnite and video game addiction. They close out the show discussing new Xbox rumours and the future of consoles. Read more…

Sleep Tight (Switch)
An imaginative twin-stick shooter/tower defense mash up which lets you finally test how well you could defend your bedroom if it was attacked by a swarm of boogey men!
Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4)
An incredibly full world with unrivalled levels of interaction and graphical fidelity. We expected the best from Rockstar Games for this prequel and they provided. Countless hours of stuff to do mixed throughout
LEGO: DC Super Villains (Switch)
A fully customizable main character for the first time ever gives this new entry in the LEGO franchise a bit of a fresh feeling. Add to that the enourmous list of masterful voice actors involved and a plot which twists the LEGO template on it's head and you have a game which proves that the LEGO games aren't played out yet!
WWE2K19 (Xbox One)
WWE 2K19 provides the big hair, small costumes, and bad acting in the wrestling ring but gets a folding chair in the back for it's efforts. Graphical issues and repetitive gameplay keep this game from taking home the belt.
Paw Patrol: On A Roll (Switch)
A generally uninspired formulaic side scrolling platformer. Excruciatingly linear and repetitive levels let this game down, however the chance to play as their favourite pups may be enough to keep young kids interested.
LEGO Harry Potter Collection (Switch)
LEGO games don't stray far from what has always worked for them, and the Harry Potter Collection is a great example of how well those gameplay mechanics have aged. Ten years after it originally came out this re-release for Switch and Xbox One is a great chance for new gamers to try out a classic LEGO game.
Starlink: Battle For Atlas (PS4)
Picks up where No Man's Sky left us wanting with action, fast paced exploring and missions. A confusing new IP in a played out genre but still perhaps does enough to keep kids entertained.
Assassin's Creed Odyssey (PS4)
A massive game with plenty to see and do while taking us on an epic journey into Greek history. Crippling technical issues on the PS4 version are really disappointing but the game still manages to be beautiful and gripping.
Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition (PS4)
A classic isometric style RPG with modern touches in all the right places. This is possibly the best RPG of this generation, smoothly converted from PC to console. An epic game which should definitely be experienced by any fans of the genre.
Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox One)
Possibly the most beautiful game ever created. Forza Horizon 4 proves yet again that Forza games are the best racing games around. Visually astounding while packed full of content. customization, and crisp gameplay. A must buy for the Xbox One.
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Super salesman by day, Batdad and Gamersutra by night. As a self-confessed technology pacifist, he prefers to sit on the console-war fence and play games on his PC.
PlayStation Fanboy/Motormouth
Electrician by trade and yet also highly skilled at finding time to game around work and family commitments. A PlayStation fanboy with a platinum count and obvious podcast bias to prove it. Thinks DC is clearly superior to Marvel. Has been known to rant.

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