Latest Podcast: Episode 130 – Ark Detecting
Episode 126 – Detroit Robot City
Duration: 00:41:53 • Size: 19.18 MB

Another episode so soon? Yes dear listeners, because the new PS4 exclusive from Quantic Dream “Detroit: Become Human” released on Friday and didn’t want to make you wait to hear what we thought of it. We also discussed a little bit about the co-op game A Way Out and a new indie game called Moonlighter which Matt backed on Kickstarter. As always please sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Read more…

Detroit: Become Human (PS4)
Another visually stunning Quantic Dream game with all the usual stuff that comes with that. Slightly finicky controls hold this game back a little, but a really well crafted story and world with meaningful game-defining decisions and superb voice acting make it a must play game.
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Episode 125 – Hollow
Duration: 00:54:39 • Size: 25.03 MB

On this episode of the DBG podcast the guys discuss the open Beta of OnRush, revisit an old segment to share some of the latest news, and Lucas shares his thoughts on the next Xbox One exclusive State Of Decay 2. We hope you enjoy the show! Read more…

Episode 124 – Epic
Duration: 01:33:54 • Size: 42.99 MB

Lucas & Matt were joined once again by Karl (aka The Lyrical) from the Game Train Podcast for this episode to discuss the new Detroit: Become Human demo and of course the new massive exclusive for PlayStation – God Of War. This episode is a little long since the guys got a bit carried away about how much they enjoyed God Of War so grab a nice warm drink, make sure you are comfortable, relax, and enjoy the show.

Feel free to let us know if you have any thoughts about either Detroit Become Human or God Of War via email or in the comments below. Read more…

Episode 123 – Drug-Fueled Spirit Journey
Duration: 01:06:00 • Size: 45.33 MB

Matt and Lucas return for another podcast episode, although this one starts out a little more like Drop Bear Movies rather than Drop Bear Gaming. The guys discuss some recent video game related movies then move on to review of the co-op game A Way Out and a huge review of Far Cry 5. We hope you enjoy the show 🙂 Read more…

Episode 122 – Ding Dong Delicious
Duration: 00:55:03 • Size: 37.81 MB

We are back with another episode of the DBG Podcast and although Matt didn’t set up the recording equipment correctly it’s still a good show! Matt drops his review for the new JRPG Ni No Kuni 2, Lucas shares his thoughts on Immortal Redneck, and much more. Please enjoy the show, despite the poor audio quality which we give 2 drop bears out of 5. Read more…

Episode 121 – Not A Prime Number
Duration: 01:00:08 • Size: 41.3 MB

Another episode of the Drop Bear Gaming podcast is here! Yay! I’m sorry to say this episode is NOT a prime number, however it does have some PRIME games mentioned on it. Lucas has of course been continuing his career as a professional baller on NBA2K18, while Matt continued his regular job of playing as many games as possible. On this episode Matt shared his thoughts about the new 80s-themed action adventure game Crossing Souls (including a song from the soundtrack with thanks to the creator of the games soundtrack TimeCop1983), Wulverblade, EA Sports UFC 3, and the new Civilization VI DLC Rise & Fall. The guys also discuss the announced changes to the PS Plus subscription, the dismal life of the Vita compared to the exciting life of the Switch on the back of the birthdays of both systems, and much much more! We hope you enjoy the show 🙂 Read more…

Episode 120 – Happy New Feb!
Duration: 00:33:58 • Size: 23.34 MB

The guys are back after a nice long Christmas (and the entirety of January) break and they have played some games!! They are also excited about new games in 2018 and so they decided to discuss some of them on this short episode. Enjoy the show! Read more…

Episode 119 – GOTY 2017
Duration: 01:03:07 • Size: 43.35 MB

It’s here! It’s the final DBG podcast episode for 2017, and it is of course the Game Of The Year special! Matt and Lucas were joined by a special guest on this episode, the one and only Karl from the Game Train podcast (aka The Lyrical) to share his picks for the year and to treat us with a song performance. The guys continued the DBG tradition of discussing each of their three favourite games of the year, as well as their biggest disappointments and some honourable mentions which just missed out. We hope you enjoy the show and wish you all the best for the new year! Read more…

Episode 118 – Eating Up Their Bottom Lines
Duration: 01:18:34 • Size: 35.97 MB

Matt and Lucas are back with the second last episode for 2017! To start the show they reflect upon the turn of events in the industry following the discussion of micro transactions on the last episode, which I’m sure we can all agree played a major part in getting the loot box discussion happening around the world (Hi to our listeners in the Belgian government!).

Next up Matt shares his thoughts on South Park: The Fractured But Whole and some PlayLink games, Lucas shares his review of NBA2K18, then Matt follows up with reviews of Ben 10, LA Noire remastered, and Need For Speed Payback. Enjoy the show and look out for our GOTY episode coming up later this month! Read more…

Episode 117 – Egyptians, Nazis, Cars, and Rants
Duration: 01:11:33 • Size: 32.77 MB

It’s the busiest time of year for gamers, so many games but such little time. On this episode of the podcast Lucas and Matt share their thoughts on Assassin’s Creed Origins, Wolfenstein 2, Gran Turismo Sport and more. They also have a chat about micro-transactions given their prevalence in games at the moment which leads to a classic Matt rant. Enjoy! Read more…

Detroit: Become Human (PS4)
Another visually stunning Quantic Dream game with all the usual stuff that comes with that. Slightly finicky controls hold this game back a little, but a really well crafted story and world with meaningful game-defining decisions and superb voice acting make it a must play game.
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