About Us

Drop Bear Gaming is the coming to fruition of a long held dream for brothers, Matt and Lucas. Throughout 2010 the two discussed whether there was a need for another gaming website, which could possibly just get lost on the internet and never be seen. After months of ‘to-ing and fro-ing’, they began to notice what seemed to be a void between the local Australian development community, and the wider gaming public of the world. Australian developers are amazingly creative and exceptionally talented, however many struggle to market themselves on the international stage. This is where Drop Bear Gaming comes in, providing a portal for news, reviews, and more to the Australian public, while also presenting quality features and news articles about Australian game developers to the wider world.

Lucas has been a staff writer at a prominent American gaming website for the majority of 2010. He has also been a contributing community member on American and British gaming forums for many years, building a large contact base and many friends. With years of experience working as a Business Development Manager for Australia’s largest insurance company, he has developed a wide range of business skills in areas such as networking, brand recognition, advertising, marketing, and more.

Matt is an accomplished web site developer with many years of experience. He started his own business in 2004 which was focused on web design, internet marketing consultation, and project management for small businesses. While working on that he also began and subsequently completed an apprenticeship as an electrician to follow other aspects of his interests. He is a very motivated person, consistently providing new ideas to grow and improve the Drop Bear Gaming website moving forward. He is also an avid gamer having strong links with multiple gaming communities around the world.

When they decided to go ahead with creating this link for Australian developers, they both became very active across many communities on the internet to ascertain the requirements for the site. Within a very short time they began raising eyebrows and attracted the attention of Jammy, an experienced games reviewer, and long time community member to countless sites and forums. With the introduction of Jammy to the team, they were now ready to begin laying the ground work for Drop Bear Gaming.

After months of planning, and many long hours of coding by Matt, the website was launched on January 1st 2011, with momentum that grows each day. Articles are beginning to gain attention and DBG is beginning to branch out with contributing writers and its own forum. The site’s main focus is to promote the Australian gaming industry with related news, interviews and locally developed game reviews, however we are also committed to bringing industry news from around the world to the Australian gaming public.

The DBG team are incredibly motivated and have already completed interviews with multiple Australian developers and are looking to continue with many more. If you are an Australian based developer or work in the industry and you are looking for a little exposure, don’t hesitate to come and visit the site and contact us to organise an interview.

If you are a developer and would like us to feature you on the site please feel free to contact us at pr@dropbeargaming.com
If you are interested in advertising on the site, or are interested in contributing to the site in any way please email admin@dropbeargaming.com