Latest Podcast: Episode 213 – Dungeons & Spacemen
Heavy Armor for PAX East

Vertical Tanks are back as THQ announce the next instalment of Steel Battalion; Heavy Armor, will be playable at Boston’s PAX East on April 6 – 8.

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Be Part of the 1st Annual DBG Game of the Year Awards

Game of the Year time is upon us once more and we have decided to announce our list in the last Podcast of the year, due out around New Years day.  With what seemed like millions of games being released in 2011, most of us only played a hand full of them, so we need your help to tell us if we missed a Gem. Read on to find out how you can be a part of it all and maybe get rich for your effort. (Getting rich is actually not going to happen if you help us, but something might)

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Microsoft confirm date for new Xbox dashboard

December 8 will see a new dashboard update hit the Xbox 360 with improved functions and interactive ability built in. Plus a huge focus on motion and voice control.

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Prepare to be Judged!

Australian games developer, Tin Man Games, announced at this year’s Game Connect Asia Pacific meeting in Melbourne that they have struck a deal with Rebellion to create the first ever interactive digital gamebook based on the popular 2000 AD character, Judge Dredd.

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Songs List Revealed for The Black Eyed Peas Experience

Weather for you, your significant other or your kids; The Black Eyed Peas Experience dishes up a wide variety of the Peas hits.

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DBG 2.0

Today we are launching the new design for our site, yay! I hope you all like the new design, however there are bound to be growing pains (and one or two things that aren’t quite working yet) so I would just like to ask that if you happen to find any broken links, broken images, or broken anything really, please either comment on here and let me know or email me at Thanks for helping to support our site, and again I hope you like the new look of Drop Bear Gaming!

Extra Life 2011 Update

Do you hate cancer? With less than two weeks til the fourth annual Extra Life Charity gaming marathon, have you put your hand up to help children fight for their life? Read more…

Lock Up Your Cheese, There’s A Mouse In The House

Firemints long awaiting next title ‘Spy Mouse’ hits the App store. Find out what Firemint promise in their latest iOS game. Read more…

Extra Life 2011

Last year it was my pleasure to take part in Sarcastic Gamer’s Extra Life 24-hour gaming marathon charity effort. Extra Life calls on gamers to dedicate a straight 24 hours to gaming, to raise money for children’s cancer hospitals all over the world. This year Drop Bear Gaming will have a team taking part and we would love for you to join us and help raise money for a local hospital. Read more…

AFL Live Tipping Comp Round 5 Winner

It’s round 5 which marks the first of our random AFL Live giveaways. This week we are giving a copy of the AFL Live game to a tipper that has been nothing but consistent, someone that has held down a spot for multiple rounds. Read more…

The Podfather/Convo Controller
Super salesman by day, Batdad and Gamersutra by night. As a self-confessed technology pacifist, he prefers to sit on the console-war fence and play games on his PC.
PlayStation Fanboy/Motormouth
Electrician by trade and yet also highly skilled at finding time to game around work and family commitments. A PlayStation fanboy with a platinum count and obvious podcast bias to prove it. Thinks DC is clearly superior to Marvel. Has been known to rant.

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