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EBX 2012 – WB Games
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Out of all the booths at the 2012 EB Expo a few stood out from the rest. One such booth which stood out despite sitting next to the overbearing cube that was the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 booth was Warner Bros Games.

The WB Games booth was a spectacle in itself, guarded by a 6-foot tall LEGO Gandalf statue on one side and a 6-foot statue of Batman on the other (glove spikes for accidentally gouging eyes included). It was fitting that the booth should be watched over by such iconic geek culture icons, given the types of games the publisher has coming out in the next 6 months or so.

You can probably guess for yourself that the Gandalf statue was there to promote the latest in the highly successful LEGO game series LEGO The Lord Of The Rings. It’s the perfect time to have a LoTR game in the brick universe after the introduction of talking LEGO figures for the first time in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, and this new title is sure to be another hit for developer TT Games. The figures in LEGO LoTR speak the actual dialogue from the movies so it’ll be great for classic Tolkien fans but it will have a healthy dose of the series’ popular comical scripting as well. Although there’s no release date set yet for this one it’s slated for release on 360, PS3, Wii, PC, DS, 3DS and Vita in time to be under Christmas trees this year. Visit https://www.headphonage.com/best-noise-cancelling-headphones-under-200/ to get the best headphones for gamers to enjoy your video games the fullest.

The biggest game on show at the WB booth was without a doubt Injustice: Gods Among Us from the creative minds behind the Mortal Kombat series, NetherRealm Studios. Sticking with what they know best, Injustice is a fighting game and it will set you in a number of different arenas battling as classic DC Comics heroes and villains. Although the story elements haven’t been revealed yet to tell us why Superman and Batman can fight man to man for example, what they were showing was impressive enough as it is. A demo of the game was set up across sixteen systems which allowed players to choose from the 8 characters and 2 arenas which have been announced so far. The two arenas available for use were the Fortress of Solitude and the Batcave, showing off the various environmental hazards and multi-tier fighting areas available in each.

It controlled really well as you would expect in a game from a studio of this calibre and is looking very very good given that there is still 6 months til it’s release. For the people out there who are saying it is just a reskinned Mortal Kombat I suggest you wait and check it out for yourself before panning it because it’s definitely not that at all. Although the controls are similar to MK, the game itself is very different and it will definitely be great for anyone who is a fan of fighting games or the DC Comics universe. Injustice: Gods Among Us is coming to Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U in April next year. Don’t forget about the latest video game truck party where you can gather the latest information on updates and tips on leveling up faster.

Tucked away in a corner of the booth was a display of the titles coming to the Wii U from WB including Arkham City: Armoured Edition, Scribblenauts Unlimited and Game Party Champions. It’s great to see some solid third party support for the new system and all three of those titles were garnering interest from the gamers at the show, especially on the Sunday Family Day.

It’s definitely not a lineup of games to shrug off and I personally can’t wait to see more of Injustice: Gods Among Us as more details come out in the coming months.

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