Latest Podcast: Episode 221 – Old News Extravaganza!

Fighting on either side of Turtle Rock’s 4 vs. 1 multiplayer madness is both unique and extremely satisfying. Evolve pits a lone behemoth against a motley crew of 4 hunters, each with their own special abilities to help take down the powerful beast they are hunting. With a handful of game modes and maps, all of Evolve battles require finesse, tactics and smart thinking in order to gain the upper hand on your opponent. Despite the laborious climb to unlock all the game has to offer, Turtle Rock has delivered an addictive multiplayer experience if played in a borderlands 3 split screen so you can have an excellent view. Read more…

Reader Review – Bioshock Infinite

The next game in the Bioshock franchise is here and having played and loved the first one I had my standards set high and could not be more excited in the lead up. Irrational Games are back in the drivers seat for Bioshock Infinite unlike Bioshock 2 which was developed by 2K Marin, and so it is much more of a spiritual successor to the original game, Visit Cozino games for mmore fun. Read more…

Review: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Firstly I have to admit I haven’t played the original XCOM (aka UFO: Enemy Unknown) which was released in 1994 by MythosGames to very positive reception. However, I did know that XCOM had maintained a cult following to this day and when the opportunity arose to review it – I jumped at the chance. Read more…

Borderlands 2

The self-professed Diablo of FPS games, or Role Playing Shooter is back with the second iteration of Borderlands and it doesn’t disappoint. A few niggling issues as well as a little repetition do little to sour the greatly satisfying experience of running and gunning with even more modifiers than before, and some wonderfully crafted environments all wrapped in a great sense of humour. Read more…

Spec Ops: The Line

On the surface, the latest iteration of Spec Ops may appear to be a military shooter indistinguishable from any number of other similar franchises, and while each series is quite unique, The Line stands apart in its objectives, bringing into question whether or not its sometimes middling gameplay is intentional, or indeed even matters at all. Its narrative and presentation hit several highs, more than expected, and while it does lean back on a trope or two, nothing detracts from the power of its messages should players be sensitive to them. Read more…

Spec Ops: The Line gets a new trailer released

2K Games and Yager Development released the third trailer to the early 2012 title Spec Ops: The Line. No gameplay but I would not like to be in Dubai when the Delta Force bravo are called in.

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Episode 22: EB Expo 2011
Duration: 01:20:21 • Size: 36.79 MB

On this massive episode of the Drop Bear Gaming we are joined by special guests Liz and Tash from Save Game Online to discuss the inaugural EB Expo! We have included our interviews with 2K Games, EA, Microsoft, Nintendo, Mindscape, Ubisoft, and Namco Bandai. Read more…

Duke Nukem Ready for Shipping

Lucas Nukem

With only a few weeks left before the release, the Dukes developers are really amping up the marketing for this very very very long awaiting game.

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