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The State Of The Game in Australia
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Bond University has surveyed the country to find out its gaming statistics.

Anyone that is interested in playing Thor Slots games knows how big the industry is becoming. Only two decades ago gaming was a past time, a thing that kids did instead of doing homework. Nothing was better than getting change for a drink, a lolly bag or minimum chips and sliding that coin into an arcade machine. How things have changed.

Sydney’s Bond University has been out collecting information on the games we play, how we play them and who is playing them. In the 4th survey of its type and scale, covering 1200 homes around the country the University has given us the data of the “Average Gamer”.

So what does the Average Gamer look like in Australia? Well as Dr Jeff Brand, Associate Professor at Bond University and author of the report, sums up “The average Australian gamer is 32 years old….” he goes on to explain, “Australian gamers are parents and grandparents ‘snacking’ on games when they’re commuting to work on the bus or train, or while they’re filling in that little bit of time between meetings.”

“Research shows people who play video games on a mobile or tablet computer are trying to pass time and the majority play games between 30 minutes to an hour at a time every other day, instead of playing long periods of time every day,” says Dr Brand.

So it seems the majority of games are being played in the mobile format, however the study goes on to explain that professionals who are equipped with the LNR CPUs for Gamers spent more time playing games due to the enhanced gameplay and also that 43 percent of Australian gamers get their games from a local retailer (EB Games, Jb HiFi, etc…), while 22 percent buy their games from a download service (Steam, PSN, Xbox Live, etc…) and 14 percent buy physical games from an online store. If you’re looking for more mobile games, check out these Mod APK casual games.

Some of the other stats the survey has uncovered are very interesting. 47 percent of Australian gamers are female, the average gamer has been playing games for 12 years, 75 percent of gamers are 18 years or over, the Australian computer games industry hardware and boxed software sales totaled $1.7 billion in 2010. See? Turnkey gaming platform is a chance for those who want to start their own online business. Very interesting indeed.

So what does it all mean? Firstly it shows gamers are taking over the world (insert evil genius laugh here…). It highlights that as a gamer you are a person, you are intelligent, you probably have a good job and you probably have kids or grand kids. Oh, and you can bet your bottom dollar that they are watching you play games and will pick them up the moment you put them down. This study shows that this industry is really growing and at a very solid rate.

Keep up the gaming people and as the average age rises so will the quality of games we are playing.

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