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Tipping Competition is Closing In!
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With only two sleeps to go til the first day of the 2011 AFL season I think this would be a good time to make some announcements and explain some stuff about our tipping competition!

First of all I am extremely excited to announce that we have acquired a number of fantastic prizes to give away to participants of the tipping competition including some games and other merchandise. I don’t want to go into detail about those prizes just yet, however as I have written in the forum, the first place winner will receive either an iTunes card, or console game (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii etc) or games to a value of at least $100.

The system we will be using for the random prizes is pretty simple. For each week you are registered for the competition you will get one entry in the “random prize draw” and we will pick randomly from that each time we have a prize to give. The purpose of this system is to give more chance to win for people who sign up early. At Round 10 someone who signed up at the start will have 10 entries, however someone who joined in only Round 6 for example will only have 4 entries. That means you should all sign up right now!

There is an extremely high chance of there being more prizes for different things over the course of the season (drop bears are very generous when they aren’t mauling people) so make sure you sign up right now and tell all your friends! Good luck and have fun!

(Details on how to sign up are in the forum at

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