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3 Reasons Why the PS3 Will Dominate 2011
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Sony will dominate 2011, and here is why.

3. Exclusives: As you may have read in Matt’s article the PS3 has a solid line up of exclusives coming to the platform this year. Yes the Xbox has Gears of War and Forza but its relatively stale in comparison to Sony’s line up of; Infamous 2, LBP2, Killzone 3, Uncharted 3 and Twisted Metal. Microsoft has made the mistake of overly focusing on Kinect, offering Xbox’s Hardcore gamers very little in the upcoming year. The original reason for the Xbox’s superiority was the more hardcore feel to it. And unfortunately that has all but been abandoned by Microsoft’s new casual goal with Kinect. Yes Sony released the Move to compete with it, but they aren’t overly focusing on that part of their system, instead capitalizing on the distaste that Microsoft has left its fans with.

2. Company Deals: While Microsoft has secured timed DLC for Black Ops, Sony has been dealing with Valve and guaranteeing an excellent experience for its customers. Portal 2 will be released on all systems, however when PS3 users connect their PS3 account with their Steam account, they receive a free copy of the game on their PC or Mac as well. Mass Effect 2 is finally being released on PS3 this year, and Sony has secured all the DLC for the game for FREE for its customers, it seems it was definitely worth the wait.

1. 3D: Yes its being over used, however 3D is something that has the ability to capture future customers, and turn something boring into a whole new game. Killzone 3 looks astounding in 3D and it shows advancement in a field that the Xbox is losing in. Everyone likes to see movement in their platform and when it stays still or misses the main point (Kinect) it frustrates and loses its fans.

Overall 2011 is going to be a phenomenal year for the PS3, I for one am a avid Xbox 360 player, and what currently is going on with the system is disappointing me to the point of looking for a new platform to game on, and its not the Wii. Until Microsoft starts picking up its act and focuses on the actual fans, I will be moving to a new island this year, and that island is the Playstation 3. You have a amazing year ahead Sony, don’t lose your grip on it.

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