[staffimg]lucas[/staffimg] Name: Lucas

Role at DBG: Podcaster, Writer

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Consoles: [xbox] [psp] [wii] [ds]

Gamer Tags:
Steam: bq410
Xbox Live: Lucasbq410

About Lucas:
About me…… Well I guess you could say I am the godfather of the Drop Bears team. I’m 34 and can remember playing Galaga on a hand held at the age of 8. My love of games runs deep and although I get owned by the new younger gamers online I still enjoy games. I love many types of games from FPS’s to large MMO’s and RPG’s, my only issue is that I don’t have time to play most of them to completion. I have a wife and kids and they are always bugging me for my time.

I own an Xbox 360 and gaming PC, a PSP, DS, Wii, PS2 and iPhone. I only recently sold my PS3 as I got another Xbox 360 and a full 5.1 Blu-Ray system, so I was ordered….um no….requested to cull one of my electronic lovers, so the PS3 had to go…..I still cry myself to sleep.

I am on Twitter, Xbox Live and Steam. Also I can be found expressing my views on either the Grounded Gamer podcast or on many other podcasts on the Community Voice Network and Front Towards Gamer. Look me up, I love games and if I’m online hit me up for a chat.