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There has been a great bit of news today with the announcement that Apple are lowering prices in the Australian App Store to bring it in line with the US.

On the back of the booming Australian dollar recently Apple Australia have today confirmed that they will be lowering prices on apps by up to 25%. The price cut does not include music, movies, or books though which is disappointing, but this is a start.

Apps listed with Tier-1 pricing, previously AU$1.19, will now be AU$0.99; meanwhile Tier-3 will be $2.99 down from $3.99, with other tiers receiving discounting as well. This is fantastic news for Aussies because we have famously been gouged in pricing for a long time. Perhaps next Apple will lower the prices of their hardware to be more comparable as well, and hopefully we will see other companies like Steam or even video game retailers following suit … Am I asking too much?

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