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5 Reasons Why It’s A Great Time To Be A PS3 Owner

No one can deny that 2011 has had some rough times for PlayStation, from Geohot’s jailbreak of the system to the PSN getting compromised by hackers and then going down for 2 months in the aftermath of that. It hasn’t been all bad though, and I’m about to tell you why the end of 2011 is turning out to be a fantastic time to own a PS3. Read more…

The Last of Us Revealed

Sony and Naughty Dog managed to stun the gaming community during the Spike TV Video Game Awards 2011, not with the game it’s now developing but more that they had managed to hold on to an exclusive announcement. When was the last time anything was revealed at a conference or awards night in this industry that wasn’t leaked days before? Read more…

Quickflix and Sony Agree to Movie Streaming Deal

On Friday October 21st Sony and Quickflix announced that they had entered an agreement to allow Sony PlayStation 3 owners to stream movie rentals. Announcing the deal Quickflix CEO Chris Taylor said “Having entered a streaming agreement for Sony Bravia in July we’re very excited to now extend the partnership to PlayStation via its game console platform” So what does this mean to you? Read more…

Prices are falling on PS3

If you have always wanted a PS3 but have never really wanted to part with the $500? Well your time has now arrived!

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Why The 3DS Price Drop Does Not Spell Doom For Handheld Gaming

Recently Nintendo announced a massive price cut for the 3DS, dropping it from US$250 to US$169 (AU$350 down to AU$250 in Australia) due to poor consumer uptake of the new console. This comes a mere four months after the release of the unit (April 2011) which has prompted a large number of websites to deem this to be a foreshadowing of the death of handheld gaming in this form. I disagree. Read more…

Sony to start production of the PS4 in late 2011


Online News site DigiTimes posted an article late Monday claiming to have inside confirmation that Sony are to begin production of the PlayStation 4 as early as 2011.




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PS Vita – What We Know So Far

During their E3 press conference yesterday Sony announced the name for their new handheld previously known as the NGP (Next Generation Portable) – PS Vita (pronounced vee-tah). Although there was already some information from their original announcement (here and here), when they called it the NGP, there is a load more available now so I’ve compiled it all here for you, our loyal viewers. Read more…

E3 2011 – Sony Press Conference

At about 10:15am AEST today Sony’s press conference began with an action-packed montage of upcoming games on PlayStation systems, PlayStation Move and the NGP which has now been officially confirmed as the PSVita. They showcased plenty of exclusives, new Move titles and the impressive features of the PSVita, not to mention a price point for the USA, Europe and Japan for the new unit. After the jump you will find a full run down of what the conference had to show.

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Sony’s Welcome Back Package Online

As of a few hours ago the PSN Welcome Back Package has been added to the PSN Store. It is Sony’s first step in trying to appease disgruntled customers after the “Great PSN Outage of 2011” and personally I think it’s fantastic. It’s running a bit slow at the moment which is pretty standard considering the fact that a few million people are all trying to grab their free games straight away, so you may get error messages while trying to access it. It might be a good idea to wait a few hours before you hit it, so while you wait, here is a list of the games you can choose from and a few of the other perks you can look forward to. Read more…

Video: NGP Games Preview

Sony have released this video giving us a taste of some of the games that are going to be released for the NGP. In the video you will see a number of the launch titles including Uncharted, Killzone, Resistance, LittleBigPlanet as well as many more. It also shows a bit of a demonstration of the motion controls, and the in-game use of the front and rear touch pads. Enjoy! Read more…

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