Latest Podcast: Episode 182 – Timeloops & Terror
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This week in iOS gaming I have been focused on one small but extremely fun title, Tiny Wings. If you haven’t played or heard of this, your about to. It has had a lot of media directed towards it lately and for a simple single mechanic title it’s surprising, until you play it.

Tiny Wings sees you as a bird that cannot fly at night, so you are always looking to outrun the darkness. This means you are only really trying to out do your last score. The stages are islands made of rolling hills which you use to launch further and faster, gaining speed and points with each meter you fly. To control, you simply tap the screen; which holds the birds wings close to the body making you drop from your flight. On each decent you must hit the hills down side to gain speed on the up, making it a physics game to propel you forwards. Simple but extremely addictive as you try to out-do friends and the leaderboard.

I recently played out The Voxel Agents game ‘Train Conductor AU’ so made it a point to grab the ‘Train Conductor 2: USA’. I was extremely surprised to be run against the clock and not just playing stage for stage. The Agents really created a new challenge in what is the same mechanic.

I also picked up the free ‘Big Time Gangsta’, which sees you returning to your hood. While you were gone other gangsters have moved in on your territory and you need to show you dominance and take back what’s yours. The game is fun, but buggy as hell. The shut-downs almost killed it for me, but almost 300 ratings at an average of 4.5 can’t be too wrong.

Lastly I grabbed the first iOS release from Anomalous Interactive, Homemade Shooter. You run a lemonade stand and the local bullies want a cut. As you sell the beverage in the forefront of the screen the bullies are coming from the back. You have an arsenal of weapons to hold them off and the further you go the more difficult it gets.

All I can leave you with is simple, get Tiny Wings. Also support the locals bringing original games with fun and addictive play. Australia is getting some amazing games on the App Store, which has forced Apple to create a ‘From Australia’ category for a few weeks. Don’t by Macca’s this week, grab a few Apps, it’s will last longer and won’t make you feel sick. (Sorry Ronald).

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