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Review: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Firstly I have to admit I haven’t played the original XCOM (aka UFO: Enemy Unknown) which was released in 1994 by MythosGames to very positive reception. However, I did know that XCOM had maintained a cult following to this day and when the opportunity arose to review it – I jumped at the chance. Read more…

Need For Speed Most Wanted

The next instalment of the Need For Speed franchise is finally here with Criterion’s signature touch in the car racing genre. For some gamers, especially Criterion veterans, there will be a strong familiar feeling when playing the game. Most Wanted – while yes, is about racing some lovely cars and evading law enforcement along the way – has included some nice changes and dynamics that should be a stepping stone for all future races. Read more…

Papo & Yo

This isn’t just a review of Minority Media’s indie gem Papo & Yo, it’s an invitation to set aside any possible preconceptions, expectations and perhaps even a tradition or two, and challenge your mind and heart to open up to this wonderful and ultimately intimate experience. Released with the help of the Sony Pub Fund, it’s one of the best examples of a personal story that doesn’t come at a cost to great gameplay. As a PSN downloadable game, its length and presentation are perfect and firmly establishes its place on any shortlist of essential gaming in the contemporary era of game design. Read more…

Medal of Honor Warfighter

Current generation gamers may associate military FPS games under the branding of the Call of Duty and Battlefield series exclusively.  When a new title comes along that branches out in the genre, it may almost be seen as the new kid in school; many are intrigued, curious and will use first impressions to decide if it will ‘fit in’ to their gaming collection.  As a gamer, it is important to remember that a title generally holds its own, and it is in no way clever to compare apples to oranges, or in this case – a pineapple.  Medal of Honor Warfighter (MoHW) has finally enrolled with plenty of sweet and sticky juice on the inside.

Read more…

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Back in 2007, a small group of developers released a total conversion mod for the Half Life 2 Source engine. Released as ‘Age of Chivalry’ the game had a medieval theme with a focus on team objectives, close-combat battles and improvised tactics.

Skip forward five years and we’ve now got our hands on the new title by Torn Banner Studios – ‘Chivalry: Medieval Warfare’. ‘Chivalry’ follows on with the theme of a multiplayer first person slasher set in the Middle Ages. Read more…

Borderlands 2

The self-professed Diablo of FPS games, or Role Playing Shooter is back with the second iteration of Borderlands and it doesn’t disappoint. A few niggling issues as well as a little repetition do little to sour the greatly satisfying experience of running and gunning with even more modifiers than before, and some wonderfully crafted environments all wrapped in a great sense of humour. Read more…

Darksiders 2
It’s hard to know where to begin with the review for a game like cozino. Without having played the original game I can’t use it as a point of reference, but if it was anything like this one then I will definitely need to play it.

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Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection

I have to admit that up until this version I had never played any of the Metal Gear Solid games. Well that’s slightly inaccurate… I played about 5 minutes each of Portable Ops on PSP and the PSone classic MGS1. Now that I’ve admitted my short comings I have to concede that I was a fool for never getting around to playing them. Read more…

Ratchet & Clank HD Trilogy

Think back 10 years. The year is 2002. Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears top the charts.


Fear not though! One of many good things that did come out of 2002 was the first Ratchet & Clank game; and in the following years many more came out. Come back to the present. Now rejoice! The original three games have been re-released in full HD and Stereoscopic 3D glory. Read more…

Spec Ops: The Line

On the surface, the latest iteration of Spec Ops may appear to be a military shooter indistinguishable from any number of other similar franchises, and while each series is quite unique, The Line stands apart in its objectives, bringing into question whether or not its sometimes middling gameplay is intentional, or indeed even matters at all. Its narrative and presentation hit several highs, more than expected, and while it does lean back on a trope or two, nothing detracts from the power of its messages should players be sensitive to them. Read more…

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