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Papo & Yo

This isn’t just a review of Minority Media’s indie gem Papo & Yo, it’s an invitation to set aside any possible preconceptions, expectations and perhaps even a tradition or two, and challenge your mind and heart to open up to this wonderful and ultimately intimate experience. Released with the help of the Sony Pub Fund, it’s one of the best examples of a personal story that doesn’t come at a cost to great gameplay. As a PSN downloadable game, its length and presentation are perfect and firmly establishes its place on any shortlist of essential gaming in the contemporary era of game design. Read more…

Borderlands 2

The self-professed Diablo of FPS games, or Role Playing Shooter is back with the second iteration of Borderlands and it doesn’t disappoint. A few niggling issues as well as a little repetition do little to sour the greatly satisfying experience of running and gunning with even more modifiers than before, and some wonderfully crafted environments all wrapped in a great sense of humour. Read more…

Spec Ops: The Line

On the surface, the latest iteration of Spec Ops may appear to be a military shooter indistinguishable from any number of other similar franchises, and while each series is quite unique, The Line stands apart in its objectives, bringing into question whether or not its sometimes middling gameplay is intentional, or indeed even matters at all. Its narrative and presentation hit several highs, more than expected, and while it does lean back on a trope or two, nothing detracts from the power of its messages should players be sensitive to them. Read more…

Fixed Cameras In Games

This article contains thematic spoilers after the first paragraph.

With the recent release of Silent Hill HD, I’ve been revisiting one of my favourite games of all time Silent Hill 2. It’s a wonderfully atmospheric game with more than a few touches of the abstract, but there’s a lot to the presentation style that creates the sense of psychological tension and introspection. It reminded me of two other games that vary in similarity, but that use the same method of presentation; Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. They all utilise a fixed camera. Read more…

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