Latest Podcast: Episode 184 – Who Said Chivalry is Dead?
Review – Crysis 3

Back in 2007 the gaming world went mad. There was some new game which was pushing visual and technical boundaries that were leagues ahead of any other games on the market at the time. This game was Crysis, and for its day it looked and functioned phenomenally, thanks to the proprietary engine developed by Crytek known as CryEngine. Read more…

Review – Far Cry 3

Imagine living the ultimate dream life. You’re rich, on a vacation with your equally rich friends and you’re indulging in more substances than you probably should. It doesn’t matter though because you’re young, right? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, your plane crashed and you’ve been captured by some downright INSANE pirates. Your name is Jason Brody and this is your life. Read more…

Review: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Firstly I have to admit I haven’t played the original XCOM (aka UFO: Enemy Unknown) which was released in 1994 by MythosGames to very positive reception. However, I did know that XCOM had maintained a cult following to this day and when the opportunity arose to review it – I jumped at the chance. Read more…

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Back in 2007, a small group of developers released a total conversion mod for the Half Life 2 Source engine. Released as ‘Age of Chivalry’ the game had a medieval theme with a focus on team objectives, close-combat battles and improvised tactics.

Skip forward five years and we’ve now got our hands on the new title by Torn Banner Studios – ‘Chivalry: Medieval Warfare’. ‘Chivalry’ follows on with the theme of a multiplayer first person slasher set in the Middle Ages. Read more…

Ratchet & Clank HD Trilogy

Think back 10 years. The year is 2002. Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears top the charts.


Fear not though! One of many good things that did come out of 2002 was the first Ratchet & Clank game; and in the following years many more came out. Come back to the present. Now rejoice! The original three games have been re-released in full HD and Stereoscopic 3D glory. Read more…


Think Red Dead Redemption. In Space.

Weird right? But that’s the initial thought I had after 10 minutes with Starhawk. Truth be told, it’s a little different from that, but Starhawk is definitely one of the few Sci-fi Westerns out there that’s worth a look. Read more…


Check out the trailer below for ‘Starforge’. Described as a ‘3D game with infinite procedural terrain, customizable landscape, no loading screens.’ It’s free to play and from the trailer, it looks like the love child of Minecraft and Halo and we bet this is going to become one massive game as it progresses. Read more…

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Beta)

You know the drill. T’s vs CT’s. Everyone who has played games of any sort or, heck, even used a computer in the last ten years has probably heard of Counter-Strike, or CS, as it’s often called. Read more…

Need For Speed: World

Woah, looking back on the Need for Speed franchise and saying they’ve published a fair few games would be an understatement. We recently reviewed NFS: The Run late last year, so we thought it might be a great time to check out the 15th instalment in the Need for Speed series from 2010, called ‘World’. Read more…

Tribes Ascend: Closed Beta Experience

Late in 2010 Hi-Rez Studios announced they were taking over the Tribes franchise and had two games in the works with one being an MMO and the other being a multiplayer-only FPS. Well, one of these is currently in closed beta and we’ve scored a key to have some fun with! Read more…

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