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Review – InFAMOUS: First Light
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inFAMOUS: First Light
Reviewed on: PS4
Sucker Punch
Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date:
Available Now
Third-person Sandbox
Available On:
Official Website

Score: 4 / 5

inFAMOUS: First Light is the standalone DLC for Sucker Punch’s inFAMOUS: Second Son. It focuses around the character Fetch and her story leading up to the beginning of Second Son. In my opinion, Fetch is one of the best characters and most interesting part of the main story in Second Son, so I was excited to spend an extra 6 hours with her.

First Light begins with Fetch in the hands of the DUP in their Curdun Cay compound. Augustine, the main antagonist of Second Son, has Fetch in custody and wants to learn about her and her story. The story jumps between the present and two years prior, to the beginning of Second Son as Fetch recounts her story to Augustine. Sucker Punch uses these scenes with Augustine to set up a training ground for Fetch inside the Curdun Cay DUP compound in order for you to test your skills and try out new powers.

Two years before, Fetch is with her brother Brent, keeping her head down and her powers hidden as they decide to do one last job before they can escape Seattle and the nightmare that is their old lives. After getting mixed up with the wrong people, Brent, gets kidnapped by a bad egg named Shane and it is now up to Fetch to work for Shane and do his evil bidding, in order to get Brent back.

inFAMOUS: First Light - Screenshot 01

This story isn’t the most compelling story I have played through but it is good enough to give me an excuse to jump back into the incredibly detailed city of Seattle and experience the excellent and addictive gameplay which was the highlight of Second Son. The Seattle in First Light is around half the size of what it was in Second Son. With a bevy of collectibles and the addition of challenge maps in the form of survival and rescue missions at three different DUP training complexes, this highly detailed world should have you occupied for several hours.

Although neon was the best power in Second Son it is a backwards step when comparing it to Delsin and his ability to wield four different powers. Despite Fetch only having one power, she wields a super version of Delsin’s neon powers. She is way more powerful, and many of her powers are unlocked from the beginning. With the ability to gain new abilities and upgrade the ones you already you have, by the time you are done with First Light you will be an unstoppable force.

inFAMOUS: First Light - Screenshot 02

Traversing the city as Delsin was fun, especially when you unlocked the third of his four powers; Video, soaring across the cityscape made things easy and allowed you to barely place a foot on the ground. In order to boost the already fast paced endless neon run skill that Fetch has unlocked from the start, Sucker Punch have introduced neon clouds that are scattered throughout Seattle, when running through these clouds, Fetch will have a boost in speed and grant her the ability to launch herself further than she ever could. Pairing this with a midair dash, I barely hit the ground as I bounded across rooftops and up buildings making for some of the best city traversal since Spiderman 2.

You are able to test these newfound skills and abilities of yours in the various challenge maps available at the DUP compound. The challenge maps consist of two game modes; Rescue, where you have to fight off DUP agents and rescue a civilian hostage, or Survival, where you will fight wave after wave of endless enemies, adding this with the option to play as either Fetch or Delsin and a long list of challenges to achieve. You will spend hours with these maps as you try and better your score and rank as high as you can on the leaderboards.

inFAMOUS: First Light - Screenshot 03

Sucker Punch has done a good job at expanding on the already interesting inFAMOUS universe. Fetch and Augustine stole the show during Second Son and it was great to see both strong characters again. Despite the mediocre story and its short length that comes in at around 3-4 hours, the challenge maps, challenges and collectibles with have you zipping through Seattle and Curdun Cay for hours after the main story is over. Despite only having one out of four of Delsin’s powers, Sucker Punch have made up for it with implementing new powers and excellent traversal abilities. Even though this DLC is standalone, I do recommend playing Second Son before diving into it. They both are great games and are a lot of fun to play.

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