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Xbox One Lost The Battle, Has Playstation 4 Won The War?
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Over the past twenty four hours or so, I have seen increasing numbers of tweets, Facebook updates, memes and articles showing a growth spurt in supporting the Playstation 4 being the next gen console of choice – even from folks I have  known to be the Xbox faithful’s in my inner gaming circle.  While I am all for the preferential choice of platforms, and have tried to maintain neutrality between the two choices, I am wondering if I will be the only one with an Xbox One.

Okay so I am an Xbox loyalist in the sense it was my first current gen console.  I’ve received great assistance from Microsoft whenever my previous 360’s had a red ring or hardware issue, and I’ve never worried about the cost of my Live Gold subscription given how much use I get from it and it has been and continues to be a decent media hub for me.

Do not get me wrong; I also have a PlayStation 3.  Who could forget that when I finally created my PSN account in 2011, the servers went down instantaneously?  Primarily, I have found myself using the PS3 purely to play Blu-ray movies and it is added to the ‘furniture to dust’ list.  I am an educated adult who can think for themselves. My current experiences have shaped my decision in making the Xbox 360 to be my number one console for most things entertainment wise while I am at home; I do not need to be swayed by the public outcries.  I do not like the shape or design of the PS controller, for one.  I also do not like how different the controls are between consoles.  I played Fallout 3 on both, but I am so used to using my left trigger, that it did not make a lot of sense.  In fact, even while playing MAG is still did not make a lot of sense not being able to use the left trigger to be able to aim down sights.

I do, however, like the look of the PlayStation 4 as well as the look of the Xbox One.  To hell with the comments of it looking like ‘an 80’s VCR’ – they both kind of look similar, to be honest.  Aesthetically, I do not think the look should matter too much.  If the look of the console is so offensive in determining your next purchase, then the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its’ cover’ probably never made much sense.  In comparison with the two machines, they appear built similar with minor differences separating them.

So we get to E3, which is the nice halfway point to Christmas for gamers.  We have had two brief reveals for the two consoles, and both left with very negative remarks.  Now it seems that following E3 2013, the Playstation 4 is king, and Xbox One is… well… what is the word for it?  I am looking forward to owning one.  I am also looking forward to owning a Playstation 4.  Unless the gaming controls change on the PS4 to match Xbox (i.e. left trigger will aim down sights) then I have a good feeling that the relish and excitement of the Playstation Four won’t last for some people I know.

I am not going to say either product is bad at this point; I have not seen one up close or utilised it for myself.  However, as far as my entertainment habits at home go, it sounds like the Xbox One is the console that will continue to satisfy me on a primary level in doing what it is meant to do – while also owning a Playstation 4.  It might take a bit of time to be financial in owning both, but that is my intention.  I cannot indulge in the console war when I would own both.

The reasons for owning both consoles are simple; both will have exclusive titles that cannot be played on the other.   One part that I am undecided on is the subscription of Playstation Plus being pivotal to online play, much like Xbox Live Gold and comparatively the same cost.  I strongly doubt, after gazing into my crystal ball, that I would be maintaining both subscriptions at this point in my life; I cannot warrant the cost of juggling both subscriptions.  I have a current PS+ membership subscription – a full year’s worth that I purchased on special.  I have barely used it since then either.  I have not taken advantage of the “free games” (probably because I only have a tiny hard drive) or even turned on my PS3 for probably close to three months.  The age-old argument that I have had with friends over time, and why they have preferred playing online multiplayer on PSN rather than Xbox, is simply because it is free.  Will they remain faithful when having a subscription for Call of Duty Multiplayer is required in November?

Personally, I think people are just looking to get cranky for no good reason.  If you prefer one console over another just because of the announcements to date, then good for you.  I am not a loser for liking both, nor is anyone else.  They are both impressive pieces of machinery, and the always online issue does not concern me personally because I’ve had an internet connection since 1999.

I think at the end of the day, right now we can only speculate.  Until the hands on experiences have occurred with both consoles, a proper judgment call can’t be made on which is the superior next gen console.  Like anything game related, I would continue to encourage personal preference rather than feeding into a console war.  If you are after real perspective, I do not think people in Syria actually care which console will be better.  The PC gamers really don’t give a damn which console is better anyway.  I will be looking forward to BOTH new consoles later this year, as I think both have something good to offer.

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