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Thoughts on… Batman: Arkham Origins!
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As a somewhat long-time Batman fan, the idea of a Batman game threw me into a spin of ‘fanboyism’ all the way back when Arkham Asylum was announced in 2008. Ever since then, I have had a soft spot for Rocksteady’s gadget-wielding, shadow-lurking, gravelly-voiced vigilante superhero series, and my love went skyward with the announcement of Arkham City – which was everything I wanted in a Batman game, and so much more. So, with the announcement of Batman: Arkham Origins, I thought I’d bring my feelings on the possible finale to the Arkham series.

1. Change of developers.
Unfortunately, Rocksteady are no longer working on the latest instalment of our beloved Batman series, which is a shame but I have high hopes that Warner Bros Montreal will bring us the same amazing atmosphere and gameplay that Rocksteady brought us with Asylum and City. Given that they are also currently working on the Arkham City Armoured Edition for the Wii U, I would definitely think that they are committed to keeping true to the formula that Rocksteady has laid down for them.

2. Gadgets and prequels
Given that this is a prequel, I am quite intrigued as to how they will work some of the gadgets from the previous games into this one; if they’ll even be in Origins at all. Hopefully they’ll find some way to either explain how some of the more advanced gadgets are in Origins, or even why they’re not. This also links into the next point of mine…

3. The storyline
The story of Origins seems different from the other two outings of the Caped Crusader. It starts on Christmas Eve with Bats being attacked by a mysterious group of assassins, including the one and only Deathstroke( with possible ties to Black Mask, whose only roles in the previous two Arkham games were an appearance of his mask in Asylum, and a very brief cameo in City). Included in this spectacular character list are a young Captain Jim Gordon and the Penguin, who, strangely enough, still has two functioning eyes.

I would go into more detail about my love for the fluid combat system and the larger world map, but I think I have prattled on enough about my love for the Batman series. So, thank you for reading and many thanks to the staff at Drop Bear Gaming for allowing me to join their wonderful troupe!

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