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EB Games Is Playing With Us
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EB Games is playing games with people with it’s latest email and gimmick. If you are a subscriber to their emails you would have received one today with a notice that they are releasing some news tomorrow Live on the site. Its the EB Games ‘What, Where, When’ announcement. 

When you click the email it goes to a URL behind the standard site home page and then blinks out to black. It’s a nifty, attention grabbing effect that leaves the site with a small hand icon that when you roll over it you get the picture to the left. The caption at the top says ‘EB Games____?’. You can click all the letters, however the screen breaks up with other images, one in particular that grabbed my eye was a logo, more about that later.

So you float around until you roll over X and click it. This is somewhat the answer to the first part of the riddle, ‘WHAT’, as in ‘what the hell are you on about?’. Next is a map of Australia divided into multiple sections. When you scroll over the Gold Coast an arrow with an X in it points there. This is the ‘WHERE’ part, like ‘where the heck are you going with this EB?’ Lastly the months of the year, you scroll through each month as a red box, however when you get to October it turns white; strange, right well when you click it the EB logo appears with a clock counting down to Tuesday May 10, 7:30 pm. So what does it all mean?

I can’t say for sure, all will be revealed tomorrow at 7:30! I can offer a few ideas and would love to hear yours below in the comments section.

Firstly the logo I mentioned earlier. It’s the multi coloured swishes of the WCG, the WORLD CYBER GAMES. This global gaming competition is held each year and I think EB games is going to hold a comp to find and sponsor an Aussie to be a competitor in the 2011 world comp in Busan Korea in December. Check out the WCG site here. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of it? Either this or EB are opening the doors to what has until now been a closed to the public trade show. And trust me when I say the EB trade shows are the bomb. You get to see what all the big games companies are releasing in the upcoming 6 to 12 months. Last year was amazing, with games shown that still have not been released. Either way this is big news.

Anyway click this link and be watching at 7:30 tomorrow. Who knows what’s going to be announced, but I for one will not be missing it.

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