Latest Podcast: Episode 197 – Prime AF
[staffimg]lucas[/staffimg] Name: Lucas

Role at DBG: Podcaster, Writer

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Consoles: [xbox] [psp] [wii] [ds]

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Steam: bq410
Xbox Live: Lucasbq410

About Lucas:
About me…… Well I guess you could say I am the godfather of the Drop Bears team. I’m 34 and can remember playing Galaga on a hand held at the age of 8. My love of games runs deep and although I get owned by the new younger gamers online like the ones at https://www.easyslots.com I still enjoy games. I love many types of games for example I like yo play gambling online as Agen Sbobet because I can enjoy a lot, from FPS’s to large MMO’s and RPG’s, my only issue is that I don’t have time to play most of them to completion. I have a wife and kids and they are always bugging me for my time.

I own an Xbox 360 and gaming PC, a PSP, DS, Wii, PS2 and iPhone. I only recently sold my PS3 as I got another Xbox 360 and a full 5.1 Blu-Ray system, so I was ordered….um no….requested to cull one of my electronic lovers, so the PS3 had to go…..I still cry myself to sleep.

I am on Twitter, Xbox Live and Steam. Also I can be found expressing my views on either the Grounded Gamer podcast or on many other podcasts on the Community Voice Network and Front Towards Gamer. Look me up, I love games and if I’m online hit me up for a chat.

The Podfather/Convo Controller
Super salesman by day, Batdad and Gamersutra by night. As a self-confessed technology pacifist, he prefers to sit on the console-war fence and play games on his PC.
PlayStation Fanboy/Motormouth
Electrician by trade and yet also highly skilled at finding time to game around work and family commitments. A PlayStation fanboy with a platinum count and obvious podcast bias to prove it. Thinks DC is clearly superior to Marvel. Has been known to rant.

Started in January 2011 by brothers Lucas and Matt, Drop Bear Gaming has been operating for over 10 years offering a fresh and relaxed perspective on the video game industry. The website is a passion project more than anything and it is our distinct pleasure to continue bringing entertainment to our listeners and viewers.

The guys release a podcast episode every two to three weeks and over the years they have welcomed guests from developers, publishers, and other gaming outlets onto the show.

Disclaimer: From time to time Drop Bear Gaming receives copies of games for review in either physical or digital format from publishers or their associated PR companies. All reviews are based on the merits of each game on their own. Whether or not we were supplied the copy is not taken into account when compiling our reviews.

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