Latest Podcast: Episode 164 – It’s Heating Up
Episode 15 – Lego Noire Samurai
Duration: 01:12:50 • Size: 33.35 MB

Finally episode 15 is here! We discuss some news and have an interview with Aileen Bautista from Dinoroar about their new game Samurai Training, then Matt drops a monologue about L.A. Noire, and Susie has a chat about Lego Pirates of the Carribean. There were a few audio problems with this episode so if you notice anything odd please forgive Matt’s editting skills. We hope you enjoy the episode! (Episode 16 will be up in the next couple of days!)

Episode 14 – 2 Guys, No Girl, and a Podcast
Duration: 00:36:02 • Size: 16.5 MB

Unfortunately on this week’s episode SiouxsieKate couldn’t join us, so it’s just Matt and Lucas. On the upside we are releasing an episode quick enough that the content is actually relevant! Yayyy! We discuss the PSN Welcome Back program, the announcement of the brand new Australian gaming convention EB Games Expo, and the Gears of War 3 collectors editions. We have kept the episode a bit short this week but we hope you enjoy it!

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Episode 13 – Drop Bear Adventures
Duration: 01:22:40 • Size: 37.85 MB

On this episode we discuss the Black Ops Escalation map pack, the PSN being down (yes we know it’s back up now), and Firemint’s acquisition by EA. We have a great interview with Neil Rennison and Ben Britten from Tin Man Games (creators of the Gamebook Adventures series), followed by Matt’s thoughts on AFL Live and Mortal Kombat.

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Episode 12 – Fashionably Late
Duration: 00:55:20 • Size: 37.99 MB

Episode 12 is a little bit late coming out so we apologise (blame Matt!).

On this episode we discuss the PSN breach and outage, the Call of Duty Black Ops Escalation map pack, and our quickfire news. Lucas and SiouxsieKate then take over for the second half of the show as Matt goes back to relaxing on his holiday and they discuss AFL Live, the Gears of War 3 Beta, answer a few community questions and give some shoutouts. Sorry about the lateness, but we hope you enjoy the show! Read more…

Episode 11 – Big Macka Tells It On Time
Duration: 01:16:23 • Size: 34.98 MB

We have slightly changed up the format again this week on our road to perfection, so please feel free to email us at or hit us up on Twitter (@DropBearGaming) to let us know what you think of it! On this episode we discuss Matt’s World Of Warcraft relapse, new DLC for Raskulls, Fruit Ninja’s nomination for a Webby award, the new Battlefield Play4Free game, Geohot’s settlement with Sony, and more. SiouxsieKate also gives us her thoughts on Michael Jackson: The Experience, and Lucas interviews Max MacKinnon aka Eso from Bliss N Eso to talk about putting their song in Fight Night Round 4, Black Ops, and much more! Read more…

Episode 10 – 2 Guys, a Girl, and a Podcast
Duration: 01:32:00 • Size: 21.06 MB

In episode 10 the Drop Bear crew bring a new format, a new guest interview and a brand new host. That’s right, a new member of the DBG family, SiouxsieKate drops a dollar in the co-op machine and comes along for the journey. The team discuss Killzone 3 and Crysis 2 as part of a new segment thats brought to you by Civic Video Darra, Brisbane. The news of the week is bounced around with updates from Firemint, the 18+ topic hits the headlines again and more layoffs in some of the big studios discussed. We sit with Melbourne developer Craig Peebles ( to discuss his change in career, his role within the IGDA Melbourne and the game that’s been a long time coming (CosmosTest). After the interview they discuss the Brisbane Supanova Pop Culture Expo and what went down at the Queensland Nintendo 3DS launch. Stick around to hear how you can score a new PC game with exclusive in game items. Drop us an email ( and tell us what you think of the new format, say congrats to our newest member or pose a question for us to discuss on the next exciting episode of the Drop Bear Gaming podcast. Read more…

Episode 9 – The Lost Episode
Duration: 01:39:40 • Size: 68.44 MB

Here it is finally! The long-awaited 9th episode of Drop Bear Gaming! This episode covers a few things that are kind of old news (Mortal Kombat classification appeal refusal, Homefront, R18+ etc) but Matt also goes into detail about Dragon Age 2, we discuss some iPad games, and we announce the winner of our Gamebook Adventures 5 competition. We have also included a great interview with Daniel Visser from Wicked Witch Software talking about their new game AFL Live for Wii! Read more…

Episode 8 – Timekeeper Fail
Duration: 01:32:27 • Size: 63.48 MB

This week Matt and Lucas are joined by fellow Brisbane gamer SiouxsieKate to discuss Lucas’ new iPad, some of the last week’s news, popular iPad games that Lucas should buy, the new game from Brisbane developers 5th World, Hogtide. Some of the news we cover includes GDC announcements, Homefront, the iPad2, and our new “Quickfire News” section. We also mention the competitions we have happening right now so make sure you get on board to win some stuff! Read more…

Episode 7 – Drop Bears are 2Sly
Duration: 01:11:19 • Size: 48.97 MB

This week Matt and Lucas are joined by a ‘Very Special Guest’ the community manager at GamerTag Radio, Mr. David2Sly. David joins us to add his 2 cents to a few topics that were very hot items in Australia this last week; namely the banning of Mortal Kombat and the 18+ debacle. We start the show by breezing through the ‘What we are playing’ segment and then hit the news: the Fruit Ninja update, Gears of War 3 Beta details and the Unreal Developers Kit being almost given away. Read more…

Episode 6 – Drop Bear Taco
Duration: 01:22:45 • Size: 37.89 MB

This week on the podcast we are joined by Tim Saitta from Game Taco. We discuss the top Xbox 360 Live games of 2010, the Aussie Game Dev head count, Dead Island trailer, Fruit Ninja selling over 6 million copies, and much more! Read more…

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