Latest Podcast: Episode 164 – It’s Heating Up
Episode 24 – Fantasy Good Times
Duration: 01:11:35 • Size: 32.77 MB

This weeks on the show Susie drops in for a little while to drop some knowledge on CoD: MW3 then you’re left with Matt and Lucas who discuss tales of dragons, magic and all things high fantasy in Skyrim and then a quick first impression of Assassins Creed: Revelations. A brief interlude as Evil Eddy explains life in Queensland Australia (the home of Drop Bear Gaming) then we are lucky enough to be joined by Aaron Niblet from the recently launched (E-Sports and Gaming Network) who explains what ESGN is and what they as a group are attempting to achieve in Australia. A great listen as always so grab it now and laugh along with Lucas, Matt, Susie and our guest Aaron.

Episode 23 – Extra Life Battlefield
Duration: 00:48:51 • Size: 33.55 MB

This week we discuss Susie’s initial impressions of the Battlefield 3 multiplayer mode, the summary of our Extra Life efforts, and what upcoming games we are looking forward to the most.

Episode 22: EB Expo 2011
Duration: 01:20:21 • Size: 36.79 MB

On this massive episode of the Drop Bear Gaming we are joined by special guests Liz and Tash from Save Game Online to discuss the inaugural EB Expo! We have included our interviews with 2K Games, EA, Microsoft, Nintendo, Mindscape, Ubisoft, and Namco Bandai. Read more…

Episode 21: The Pre-EB Extravaganza!!
Duration: 00:41:10 • Size: 28.27 MB

In this episode Matt is taking a well earned break after launching the new web site. In his absence Lucas and Susie discuss the games that have been taking up there time. Battlefield 3 beta get’s discussed with the highs and lows, covered from a fans perspective and from a new comer of the multiplayer side of the franchise. They then discuss the games that are coming out before Christmas and what they are looking forward to most. To end the show a cap of the games that will be playable at the EB Expo this week-end and lastly, Lucas ends the show with an appeal for help on behalf of the sick kids of Australia.

Episode 20 – In Matt We Trust
Duration: 00:15:12 • Size: 10.45 MB

It’s just Matt holding the fort this week so he throws out a few bits and pieces of news about upcoming games and multiplayer betas and much more.

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Episode 19 – Out Of Hibernation
Duration: 00:41:37 • Size: 28.59 MB

The DBG podcast is finally back after a solid 7 week break during which Lucas went away to France and Matt moved house. Unfortunately Susie couldn’t join us this week but Lucas and Matt still manage to have a chat about a few things. Read more…

Episode 18 – Crunchy Deuce
Duration: 00:34:30 • Size: 15.8 MB

This week on the Drop Bear Gaming podcast Lucas is away, and will continue to be away for the next 2 episodes, so Matt and Susie are holding the fort. Matt hosts this week with discussions about Transformers, Team Bondi’s development crunch time news, Extra Life and more. Read more…

Episode 17 – Hack Me Some Nachos
Duration: 01:02:02 • Size: 28.41 MB

Episode 17 is here and this time Matt is away but Susie is back and she has brought along the honorary drop bear Game Taco’s own Wall aka Tim Saitta. They discuss hackers, EA buying PopCap, the 2011 FreePlay Awards, the opening of the Melbourne Mana Bar, a bit of a chat about Dead Island and the R18+ rating discussion, and much more. Have a listen and have a laugh and let us know what you think of the show with an email or an iTunes review.

Episode 16.5
Duration: 00:19:22 • Size: 13.31 MB

Unfortunately we didn’t get to record an episode this week, so on this mini-ep there’s a short message from Matt followed by the interview Lucas did with Eso from the Aussie hip hop group Bliss N Eso since they did their sold out show in Brisbane on Friday which we went to. If you haven’t heard it then we hope you enjoy it and if you have then just listen again! Don’t forget to send us emails with questions and feedback and stay tuned for episode 17.

Episode 16 – When The Cat’s Away
Duration: 00:37:48 • Size: 17.31 MB

Lucas and Matt are recording alone again this week as Susie recovers from sickness and finishes up all her moving to Melbourne. They cover a load of new including the announcement of Carmageddon: Reincarnation, some Xbox sales figures, the rumours of the NGP being called the “Vita” and much more including Nintendo’s child porn game! Be sure to check out the show and let us know what you think by leaving a review on iTunes.

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