Indie Gala Deal Features Aussie Dev

Matt | February 6, 2012 8:14 pm

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Melbourne developer Manic Game Studios are pitching in to help children’s charities by including their 3D action puzzle game Critical Mass in the Indie Gala bundle.

The Indie Gala bundle offers an opportunity for gamers to purchase a number of games by various independent developers as well as some awesome music for a bargain price while supporting charities such as Child’s Play and Save The Children. The bundle works much like these kind of things usually do, allowing gamers to pay as much or as little as they want. With more games added to the bundle as you add more money to the price it allows flexibility for budget, while at the same time allowing the buyer to decide what percentage of their price goes to each of the charities and how much goes to the developers and the Indie Gala.

Manic Game Studios are offering Critical Mass with even the most basic bundle so even if you have only got a dollar to spare then you can get great value. Critical Mass gives a 3D twist to the classic match 3 style of game, which creates some really fast paced and addictive gameplay.

I would definitely recommend you all pick up the bundle as soon as possible because it won’t last forever, and it’s a fantastic bargain. All the game purchases go through Steam so you they are easy to download once you make the purchase, and you get to support an Aussie developer while you are at it too so get on board and grab some great games before it disappears!

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