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Do you like winning stuff from doing not much at all? Well I think someone over at Firemint knows the answer is YES.

So in order to win its simple, a click of the mouse and your away to the site. Once you log into your twitter account you are given a simple puzzle with a massive clue that almost gives away the answer. That’s it. Your now in the draw to win some great iOS prises from Firwmint and EA.

The games are no slouches, with Dead Space, The Sims 3 and Firemints flag-ship game Real Racing. But wait that’s not all, the reason for the puzzle and competition is to promote Firemints newest title Spy Mouse. If you have been a fan of Firemint then you can become one of the first people on earth to enjoy this new game on release. Only one catch, the competition is only for a few days, so get in quick!

Jump in here to get started.

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