EA to buy PopCap

Lucas | June 27, 2011 11:09 am

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EA are really taking the casual game space seriously, after buying the Australian iOS development company Firemint, they have now turned their sights on PopCap. In a rumoured takeover price of US$1billion (that’s about $53.20 in Australia), this look’s to be the largest take over of a social gaming company in history.

Internet Technology site TechCrunch reported last week that the Bejeweled, Peegle and Plants V’s Zombies creators were in the later stages of a take over. Later the site posted an article that read “Following up on our story earlier this evening that PopCap Games is in late stage acquisition discussions for a sum of over $1 billion — we’ve now heard from two sources that the buyer is Electronic Arts,”.

This continues Electronic Arts push for the social gaming titles with the company acquiring other companies Firemint (Approx $22mil in 2011) , Playfish (Paid $400mil in 2009) and mobile publisher Chillingo ($17mil 2010). However this would create a huge casual games catalogue for the publishing company, as Popcap add to there already strong list of games like Real Racing, Madden and The Sims.

If this goes though then watch for the PopCap team to continue to create the very fun, very polished games we have come to expect from them.

What is your favourite PopCap title and what made it so great?

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