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Melbourne game studio Firemint are in our headlines yet again and this time it’s because they’ve released the v1.0.2 update for Real Racing 2 on the iPod Touch and iPhone. In this latest version they have added not only 6 all-new events, but they have also implemented multiplayer leaderboards and rankings, so all you racing buffs can face up against each other.

The six new race challenges are spread across 4 different game modes, two are Cups, two are Head-to-head challenges, one is a time trial, and one is an elimination race. Another welcome addition to the game are the new elements put in place to prevent malicious driving.

Possibly the best upgrade included though, is the modifications to the multiplayer system. Not only can you now compare yourself with your friends (and enemies) using the leaderboard, but the starting grid position in multiplayer games will be determined by your multiplayer ranking. They have also improved the performance of the multiplayer servers which is sure to improve the experience for gamers.

Firemint also recently announced a temporary price cut for their Real Racing series until Monday February 14th. Real Racing 2 is available for iPod Touch and iPhone on the iTunes App Store on sale for AU$5.99 (US$4.99). They have also cut the prices on the original Real Racing (AU$2.49 US$1.99) and Real Racing HD for the iPad (AU$5.99 US$4.99) so get in there fast before the prices go back up!


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